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Prof. Antoni Ginbreda Martí

Prof. Antoni Ginbreda Martí. Born 28th February 1953 in Barcelona. Since 2008 he has been appointed Full Research Professor at IDÆA-CSIC (Barcelona), occupying the chair entitled “Water quality and its management”, in the Department of Environmental Chemistry. He accumulates 30 years of professional career, the last 17 devoted to the public management of water quality aspects. From 1987-1992 he has been head of Chemical Research in the group Prodesfarma S.A. From 1992 to 2008 he has worked in the Catalan Water Agency (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua), public water authority of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya), where he has successively occupied positions as head of the Laboratory Department and head of the Environmental Control Department. His current research interests are focused on all quality aspects of the water cycle, including the relationships between chemistry and ecology, ecotoxicology, wastewater treatment, pollutant fate and dynamics and risk assessment. He was involved in different EU FP projects, such as STREAMES, AWACCS, WATCH, AQUATERRA, MODELKEY, KEYBIOEFFECTS, RISKBASE and RISKCYCLE. He has more than 65 papers published in SCI journals, 18 book chapters and 9 patents.

Involvement in the project:
Analysis of consumption of cytostatics in Europe, and environmental risk assessment (WP8); dissemination activities (WP9).

Related publications
M. Gros, M. Petrovic, A. Ginebreda, D. Barceló. Removal of pharmaceuticals during wastewater treatment and environmental risk assessment using hazard indexes. Environ. Int., 36(2010), 15-16.
A. Ginebreda, I. Muñoz, M. López de Alda, D. Barceló. Environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals in rivers. Relationships between hazard indexes and aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity indexes in the Llobregat river (NE Spain). Environ. Int. 36(2010), 153–162
A. Jelic, M. Gros, A. Ginebreda, R. Cespedes-Sánchez, F. Ventura, M. Petrović, D. Barceló. Occurrence, partition and removal of pharmaceuticals in sewage water and sludge during wastewater treatment. Water Research, 45: 1165-1176, (2011)
P. C. von der Ohe, V. Dulio, E. De Deckere, J. Slobodnik, R. Kühne, R.U. Ebert, G. Schüürmann, A. Ginebreda, W. Brack. A novel risk assessment approach for the prioritisation of 500 organic microcontaminants as potential river basin specific pollutants under the European Union Water Framework Directive. Sci. Tot. Env. 409: 2064-2077 (2011).

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