Project Progress

Important Milestones:

Month 3: Representative cytostatic drugs to be studied were selected (WP8, M 15)
Month 12: Validated analytical methods (LC, GC) for the determination of the selected model compounds were developed (WP2; M4)
Month 16: Results from acute tests, that are needed for establishing dose ranges for chronic exposure tests completed (WP5; M8).
Month 18: Cytotoxicity of cytostatic drugs determined & dose ranges for further genotoxicity and gene expression in vitro studies were established (WP6; M10)
Month 24: Predictive transcript signature database for 5-FU is established (WP7; M13)
Month 30: PHARMAS Cluster Conference organised
Month 40: All environmental samples collected and distributed to the partners for chemical and toxicological analyses (WP3; M5)

The Insurance Progress for the Cyto Threath  Project (Zavarovanje Cyto Projekta)

The Cyto threat project was ensured by Slovenian companies who are also managing car and personal insurances. That main company who was taking 90% of the insurance responsibility is Triglav. You can get more information about their insurance policies here:

Evropski Cyto projekt je bil zavarovan s strani največje slovenske zavarovalnice, ki poleg avtomobilskih in poslovnih zavarovanj nudi tudi osebna zavarovanja. Zavarovalnica triglav je krila 90% zavarovalne vsote. Več informacij lahko dobite tukaj:


How Cytothreat Build Out Their 7 Figure Business Model With eCommerce?



Cytothreat has started to build out their eCommerce business model which just hit 7 figures this year. Their approach is quite new to the eCommerce community as they have just been using Facebook and Youtube advertising.


Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton from 100k Factory are just releasing a new training course where they reveal a case study about they have managed to build out their business to hit 7 figures income in under one year. You can check out their Facebook page: and their Liknedin Page:


Cytothreat is just about to release their new research about what are the best ways to start a 7 figure online business in the European Union. The research is the result of gathering information from about 10 and more years and right now they are publishing the update on their gathered data and insights.

The two guys behind the research are the eCommerce and online marketing specialists Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. They are the inventors of 100k Factory training program and the updates are named as 7 Figure Cycle. You will be able to find detailed information about how the most successful people in the European Union have built their online businesses. You will be able to find more information on their official website official website

What is the secret behind the 7 figure marketing approach?

An online shop alone is often not enough to achieve high sales in e-commerce. This is because without appropriate advertising measures, which should reach your target group, only a few visitors will get lost in your shop. Online marketing is the solution. There are many different online marketing measures, but the most important ones in e-commerce are SEO and web marketing. This is because those online marketing methods will have the most impact on the World Wide Web. Click here for more information click here

If you want more information about the whole project you can follow them on their official Facebook Page here:

The new research results will be published in the beginning of 2018. Aidan and Steve are still deciding about the exact dates. You will be able to ask the all of the related questions and get other interesting information on live webinar hold by them in person.





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